Understanding the Types of DC Water Pump Designs in the Market

You will find DC water pumps to be useful in a range of essential services. However, it is important to choose the right pump design for the application. This will enable you to make the most out of the DC pumper you are buying. After all, some water pumps are designed for use in a specific situation.


The fact is that there are several kinds of designs available for pumps. On the other hand, these designs can be easily placed into either one of two categories. The categories are positive displacement and centrifugal. While the ultimate result achieved by the pumps is the same, each design makes use of a different method for doing so. Understanding the difference will help you in choosing quality DC pumper. At http://dcpumper.net/ , you will get the info you need.


Centrifugal Pumps

These are also known as velocity pumps. In this pump, flow velocity is used for adding kinetic energy to the fluid. The pressure buildups are not much which makes it possible to operate them even if the valves are kept closed. On the other hand, they are not very good at ensuring a constant speed. These pumps are best used for water operations. This is due to the fact that the pumps start losing their efficiency rapidly with an increase in the viscosity of the fluids.


Positive Displacement Pumps

In these pumps, a fixed amount of the fluid is trapped. Then, the trapped fluid is forced into the discharge pipes. That is the principle in positive displacement pumps. The pumps have expanding as well as compressing cavities. The presence of both enables the pump to ensure that the flow is maintained at a constant speed. These pumps can be easily used with a wide range of fluids including water containing a lot of sediments.


As you can see in this DC pumper buying guide, the two kinds of pumps have quite a few differences. As such, you should now find it easier to know which one will be suitable for your application.