Facts Which Can Help You Know the Pictoword Game in A Better Way

Pictoword starts off very easy, but as one starts playing the game, it becomes increasingly difficult. For example, while you may have cleared level 48 of the game, but you may find yourself stuck at pictoword level 68. Instead of getting simple images, the pictures and the words symbolized by it becomes tricky. Hence, players need to look at the pictures and guess the word it’s associated with before they can combine it to get a new word for the puzzle game.

Knowing About the Game

It is a word guessing and word puzzle game from the house of Kooapps. This fun and entertaining game not only entices the young but also older players alike. Players get a series of pictures and from that, they have to guess the word that the pictures symbolize. The game can be played on a solo mode or with others like with friends or random gamers.

There are tons of levels and picture guessing games. Playing the initial levels is very easy, but as soon as the game progresses it becomes tough. This is when a player tries to look out for cheats or solutions in order to solve the puzzle and crossing that level.

Why Are Cheats Better Than The Hack Tools?

  • No need to worry about viruses and malware affecting your device.
  • All in-app purchases for the game become free.
  • The cheats for the game work for all devices.
  • There is no need to jailbreak your phone in order to get the answers.

Why Is The Game So Popular?

Unlike other games like Wordbubbles or Scrabble, Pictoword is somewhat different. Apart from colorful themes and subjects, the word challenges vary with each level. It allows players to play the game at their own pace. It tests the brain’s ability to unscramble words from the pictures.

Facts about the Release of Sims 5

The Sims is one of the most popular stimulation PC games available in the market till date. Even if you are new to this game, you will simply love to play it as the game is not only interactive but also engaging.

Recently, The Sims made its way into the online news after a rumor suggested that The Sims 5 is coming soon. However, EA games failed to provide any authenticity of the news. Apart from that, they released the fourth version of the game in 2014. After that, there has been no confirmed news about the next installment of this game.


If Sims 5 is going to come, fans will have to wait till 2019, provided if EA games follow the pattern of the release of their games after every 5 years. Going by this calculation, in all probability, Sims 5 may arrive in 2019. The 5 year time span is perfect as the game needs to be developed rather delicately.


Fans of Sims 5 are eagerly looking for the next installment of the game to be a success. As the Sims 4 was a bit of disappointment for the gamers, it is likely that the much anticipated game is having high expectations. Sources close to the game developers confirmed the fact that Sims 5 is not going to arrive in 2017 as the game is not expected to be released in the market until 2019. However, the exact month of its release is still unknown.

Going by the analysis of the release of the previous installments of Sims game, it is not a new thing that the gaming company will come with the next installment in 2019. The Sims 4 was designed and released for various platforms like Mac and windows PC.

However, one question which is hovering over the minds of players is that whether the game is going to be available for the gaming consoles or not. Well, in order to know that gamers will have to wait till 2019.