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Tips to Cook Food in an Air Fryer

An air fryer is easy to assemble and use. The basket fits into the pan and this can then fit into the device. The hot-air circulation and the timer function make it easy to cook food. Amateur, as well as professional cookers can prepare food in it.

Once you have decided what you want to cook you can put all the ingredients in the basket and set the timing accordingly. This is when the air starts circulating and when your food is done, there is a sound indicator which indicates that the food is done.

Ways to Use Air Fryers

As the air fryer review shows, there are several ways to use an air fryer. You can prepare food in different ways.

Grilling- The best thing about grilling in an air fryer is that you will not have to flip the ingredients continuously so that it receives anequal amount of heat. All you need to do is shake the pan in the middle of the cooking process. This will heat up all sides of the food. Maximum air fryers come with a grilling pan which makes it easy to remove and insert food.

Baking- You can also bake food in an air fryer. The best air fryer is provided with a baking pan so that you make muffins, bread, and cupcakes. Baking in a fryer will take your about fifteen to thirty minutes.

Roasting- If you are too busy to cook food for the guests coming over to your house, you can roast some vegetable and meat in oil less fryer. This helps in roasting food pretty quickly.

You do not need any oil to cook in a fryer. However, if you dish requires it then you can add oil and prepare the food. You need to keep in mind that oil cannot be put inside the fryer. It has to be added to the ingredient before it is put in the fryer.