E-Liquid: Different Methods to Steep It?

E-Liquid: Different Methods to Steep It?

Steeping is a process that is quite similar to aging the wine for extracting the flavors and qualities of better ejuice or for the purpose of softening it. Steeping will offer you the best vaping experience. For instance, when a cup of tea is steeped, it brings out the best flavors of the tea. However, how much flavor is extracted depends on the steeping method. There are different ways of steeping an e-liquid and the result can vary depending on methods that you are using. If you have to obtain the best result then you should allow the flavor sufficient time to infuse with the base liquid, prior to steeping.

Take a look at some of the methods of steeping e juice.


If you have to steep the e-liquid in a natural manner then place the bottle of vaping liquid in dark and warm room and leave the cap open for oxidation. You have to leave it standing for few days. When you are letting the liquid stand for more than a day, you will have to replenish the liquid with fresh air everyday expelling the old air.

One of the main disadvantages of this method is the amount of time that it might take.

Water Bath Heating

You can also use a warm bath for steeping since nicotine is not the one for extremely hot temperature. The warm water helps the e-liquid to become thin and this infuses all the flavors of the e-liquid on a molecular level. It matures the liquid at a much faster rate.


Blasting the e-liquid in the microwave oven open the lid will also help in steeping. However, you need to keep in mind not to overheat the nicotine. Blast in short bursts of seconds for attaining a comfortable temperature. The secret is to use a glass container instead of the usual plastic ones.

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