Things You Need to Do Before Rooting Your Android

Things You Need to Do Before Rooting Your Android

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If you root your phone, you will be able to get around the limitations that have been set by the manufacturer. With this, you will be able to speed up your phone, remove bloatware, and install the latest version. You might be wondering how to root Android. It is pretty simple to root an Android device but here are few that you need to do before rooting.

Back Up the Device

You do not actually know what will happen when you root the phone. If you have to avoid the loss of any data then it is important and also necessary to back-up your device.

Battery is Important

You should not ignore the level of battery of your Android device. If you are a newbie then rooting might take some time. Your phone might die during the process of rooting because of the drained battery. Thus, it is important to ensure that the battery has been charged to at least 80%.

Install the Required Driver

You need to download and also install the required driver on the computer for the Android phone. If not then you have to download the driver from the official manufacture of the website. Moreover, you should be able to use USB debug on the Android phone, or you cannot root it.

Look for Suitable Rooting Method

A rooting procedure that works fine for one Android phone, will not necessarily work for your phone, too. You should be aware of the specifications of your device. Thereafter, find a suitable rooting procedure according to the procedure of the phone.

Watch and Read Tutorial

You should read as many articles as you can about Android rooting service. This will enable you to know about the complete procedure. If you can, also watch some tutorials. A video tutorial is a lot better than the usual simple words.

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